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Whispers Through Time
Sequel to Whispers From The Grave

by Kim Murphy

      If you have read Whispers From The Grave (also reviewed on this site) you will remember Poplar Ridge, home of the Camerons and a curse linking present day people with those from the Civil War.† Chris and Geoff now have a seven year old daughter Sarah, and it is her fate to witness the shooting of her father by his ex-wife.† After, it seems that she is still in touch with him, and that a pendant may have the power to take the grieving Chris back to the time of Reconstruction, in order to put right the wrongs that have them in an endless tragic cycle of betrayal, madness, and murder.

For a slim volume there is a lot of story packed in here; donít gallop through this one or you will miss vital details in such a complex story.† Finding a category to file this one under is difficult, for there is romance, time travel, supernatural and historical fiction in here as well as murder and of course fantasy.† It involves the reader from the first, bringing a small but intense cast of characters to life bit by bit. I found it easy to get swept up in a tide of events, and was rooting for things to turn out for the best for these sympathetic and well-drawn people.† Reconstruction is not an era often dealt with in any depth, and here it comes to life with plenty of interesting facts; I found myself wishing that there were more of it.† This is a highly imaginative pair of books that I recommend to anybody who wants something a bit different.

The Book

Coachlight Press
May 2008
097167907X / 9780971679078
Fantasy / 1867 and 2013, Virginia
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The Reviewer

Rachel A Hyde
Reviewed 2008
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