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Bad-Ass Faeries

by editor Danielle Ackley-McPhail (Various authors)

      The reader looking for the usual presentation of faeries won’t find it in this book or its sequel Bad-Ass Faeries (Just Plain Bad).  While all the faeries are not wicked, some are, but they do not do their dirty work just for the thrill of it. The general type of faerie can be guessed by the different categories:  Warrior Faeries, Outlaw Faeries, Wild Faeries, Street Faeries, and Faeries Noir.  In the opening story of the first book, (from the Warrior section) the faeries do a number on people who are trying to destroy the faeries’ space to build a golf course.  They are not necessarily bad, but they take no slack from the developers.

In "House Arrest" from the Outlaw Faeries section the faerie is just plain mean.  His payment for his services comes in the form of milk, and he is perturbed when the milk supply is suddenly reduced.  He plans the demise of the family’s young child and then is flippant about the details and shows no remorse when caught up in his action.

The stories are relatively short and can be read easily in one setting, but the reader may want to place the book where he can read it at different times.  Nineteen stories of mean faeries is a little much to read at one time, but they make for good reading if taken one (or even a few) at a time.  Whatever pace the reader selects, he will never look at faeries the same again.

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NOTE: Violent Content

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Willie Elliott
Reviewed 2009
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