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Silent Night, Haunted Night
Nicki Styx, Book 4

by Terri Garey


Nicki Styx died and came back; now she sees ghosts...

In Silent Night, Haunted Night Nicki endures a spirit-filled holiday after waking to find an elderly woman named Mary, a young woman named Selena, and a child floating over her bed, talking about her—and itís not nice. The next time she sees them theyíre flesh and blood, and outside her vintage store working a scam to draw Nickiís boyfriend into their evil plans. Nicki does her best to warn Dr. Joe (aka Dr. MacDreamy), but heís just not listening. Maybe the dreams with Selena have him in denial. Nicki also meets a depressed spirit and the dark side following her. Nicki recommends they "run!" The spirit runs right into Nickiís life with her unfinished business.

This is my first Nicki Styx novel. I was pleasantly surprised to discover itís an urban fantasy light on gore and strong on storyline. Nicki is all human. She just sees ghosts—and a devil. Nicki is full of passion, humor and fear. She has an entertaining way of reacting to situations. Her grandmother and sister are into the paranormal and help her to understand whatís going on. If you like a mix of paranormal, romance and humor in your fantasy, this is the series for you.

The Book

Avon / HarperCollins
October 27, 2009
Mass Market Paperback
0061582042 / 978-0061582042
Fantasy / Paranormal Romance / Spirits
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