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Twisted Tails IV
Fantastic Flights of Fantasy

Edited by J. Richard Jacobs


I suspect that this bunch of authors are a warped lot...definitely marching to their own drummers.  Some of our favorite weird writers are back with more, definitely twisted, tales to populate our nightmares.  Here is Joyce K. Jensen with "And Dance by the Light of the Moon," Marilyn Peake is back with "Repo Girl and the Fortune Faerie," Kim McDougall telling the tale of "Megan's Baby," and J. Richard Jacobs with "Brutus and the Pig" and "Osculating Bufonidae".  You will never forget Clay Rhett's story, "Last Flight," and "Roller Duck" will visit you again in unsettling dreams, along with other authors with equally frightful stuff.

If you think the titles are intriguing, wait until you read the stories.  There are things lurking here that will scare you silly, and some that are laugh-out-loud funny...but none of the stories are what you expect...each has its own twist that you won't see coming. These stories are not written-to-formula fantasy, but they are seriously entertaining. Read straight through the book, or browse,...but make sure the door is locked and leave a light on.

The Book

Double Dragon Publishing
March 2, 2009
1554046637 / 978-1554046638
Science Fiction / Fantasy
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Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2009
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