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Night of Demons

by Tony Richards


Night of Demons deals with a serial killer, Cornelius Hanlon, who leads a non-magical female police officer, Lauren, into the magical and mysterious town of Raine’s Landing. Raine’s Landing is known to be the home of the Salem witches and possibly cursed, or at least filled with magical people. Hanlon goes on a rampage against the town with the help of a magical wand that he obtains from his first victim. Lauren teams up with former cop, Ross Devries, and his sometime partner, Cassandra Mallory, in order to contain Hanlon.

Night of Demons has some great action scenes and keeps the reader engaged. The fantasy descriptions are good and not completely "out there" like other fantasy novels can be. They are relevant and increase the level of enjoyment. The plot and characterizations are simple but are improved by the action and the fantasy elements. The relationships among the characters are touched upon only slightly, leaving some questions about what has happened in their past and what will happen in their futures.

Night of Demons is a great story and will be enjoyed by many, including non-fantasy readers.

The Book

EOS / HarperCollins
October 2009
Mass Market Paperback
Dark Fantasy
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The Reviewer

Jen Oliver
Reviewed 2010
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