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Wait for Dusk
Dark Days, Book 5

By Jocelynn Drake

     Mira is a nightwalker who is several centuries old. She is feared even by her own kind because of her mastery of fire. The Elders summon her to fill the empty seat of the Coven. By accepting her place as an elder, Mira takes on great responsibility. She must hunt down and annihilate the vicious naturi. They are sweeping across Europe and she is dispatched to Budapest to end their killing spree. In the meantime, she has to keep other elders and nightwalkers from killing her consort, Danaus. He is a vampire slayer.

With a secret from her past showing up to haunt her, Mira must do battle to stave off attacks from all sides. She is not only attacked by the naturi, but also by an unknown witch, were-wolves, elders, other nightwalkers, and the secret she is trying to keep about her past; all the while, she is trying to keep the wall of trust wrapped around her and Danaus. To top it all off, she ends up becoming the keeper of the Budapest territory. She doesn't want it. She already has her own territory back in Savannah, Georgia. All in all, it's one big mess.

Although I haven't read the first four books of the series, this one seems to stand well on its own. The blood and gore are a little graphic for my tastes but those who really get into the vampire stories should greatly enjoy it. The book is written in the fist person mode. Mira is the one telling the story. It puts a little different twist to it but it is quite enjoyable.

The Book

EOS /HarperCollins Publishers
July 27, 2010
Urban Fantasy
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NOTE: Quite graphic in details of killing, blood, and gore.

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Linda Young
Reviewed 2010
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