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Wild Hunt
Evie Scelan Book 2

by Margaret Ronald


Margaret Ronald’s Wild Hunt is the latest—and very welcome—addition to her urban fantasy series featuring a not-so-typical heroine. Evie’s gift is a powerful sense of smell, which allows her to take on "special" cases for clients. This time around, bike messenger and rabid Red Sox fan Genevieve Scelan is charged with handling more than one challenging situation, both professional and personal, at a time.

Six weeks earlier, Evie brought down a centuries-old cabal of magicians known as the Fiana. Evie is expected to become the new leader of all who practice magic in Boston, her stomping grounds. Evie does not want the honor, however. While dealing with this, Evie is drawn into a personal conflict involving an ancestor. In addition, there is a legendary pack of hounds terrorizing Boston, and Evie must stop them.

Ronald’s writing is fast-paced and witty. The dialogue is sharp and honest, which brings to mind Jim Butcher’s fabulous Harry Dresden. Wild Hunt is a great contribution to the growing urban fantasy noir genre.

The Book

EOS / Harpercollins
January 2010
Mass Market Paperback
Urban Fantasy
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Heather Buchanan
Reviewed 2010
NOTE: Reviewer Heather Buchanan is the author of Dark River: A Novel of Suspense.
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