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Discount Armageddon
InCryptid #
Seanan McGuire

Daw Books Inc / Penguin
March 2012 / 978-0756407131
Fantasy / Ghosts / Ghouls / Monsters

Reviewed by Jan Fields

First, Seanan McGuire is now firmly in my "favorite authors" group. I loved the introduction to cryptid hunters that appeared in her short story in the Westward Weird anthology. I left that story wishing I could see more of these interesting people -- and then Discount Armageddon arrived and I chortled with glee. In this first book of the InCryptid Series, we meet cryptid hunter (and ballroom dance enthusiast) Verity Price. Her family protects humans from dangerous cryptids (and sometimes protect cryptids from dangerous humans). Verity must do both when she finds young female cryptids disappearing all over New York. As she tries to track down the abductor, she must also keep a reign on a hunky cryptid hunter from the Covenant of St. George, a society that believes all cryptids are dangerous and should be killed on site. The storyline is fast paced with plenty of delightful twists and turns and verbal sparring. Verity Price is a charming character, with unexpected twists of her own. And the Aeslin mice are one of the greatest author creations I've ever seen. We all need more Aeslin mice. Read the book; trust me, you'll agree.

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Reviewer Janis Fields is the author of over two dozen books for children and adults including Threads of Deceit, Ghost Light Burning, Wellspring of Magic, and Emerald Dragon.
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