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Seven Princes
Books of the Shaper - Book I
John R Fultz

Orbit (Little, Brown)
5 January 2012 / ISBN: 9780356500812

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

The day begins like any other for young Prince D'zan, only by the time it has ended a wizard has slaughtered his family and entire court, and he is on the run. Meanwhile, King Vod of Udurum in the north has been seized by a desire to redress an old wrong and has departed for the undersea realm of Indreyah, leaving his wife in charge. But his eldest son and heir has a secret and is perhaps rather more (or less) than he appears. Seven princes are about to discover that a new age is beginning, and their fate is bound together…

This exciting and delightful book harks back to the sword and sorcery age of fantasy, and could indeed have been written at any time during the past twenty or so years. But if, like this reviewer, you fancy a break from paranormal romance and dark fantasy then this will more than provide that, as well as being thoroughly entertaining. Mr Fultz might be one of the newest fantasists on the block but he could teach many writers a thing or two about world building, pacing a story (this is not a doorstop), creating characters you want to read more about and generally being highly readable. Original this is not, but then this is not (in my opinion) necessarily the most important thing about good fantasy. Pace, plot and world building are three vital elements as is the sheer joy of opening a new book and being instantly immersed in an invented but very well-rounded new world. If this is retro then bring it on; I for one can't wait for the next installment and anybody else reading this who likes this type of thing will probably agree with me.

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Reviewed 2012