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Ashes of Honor
October Daye Novel #6
Seanan McGuire

September 4, 2012 / ISBN 8-0756407490

Reviewed by Jan Fields

Toby Daye is a changeling and a knight. This sixth book in the series opens with a grief-stricken Toby endangering herself too much. Her friends are worried and Toby isn't talking -- not about the lover she lost or the daughter given over to the human world and lost to her forever. So when she's asked to find the missing changeling daughter of another knight, Tody can hardly refuse. This young changeling proves to have amazing powers -- powers someone hopes to exploit even if it destroys all of Faerie. The blend of hard action, politics and fantasy make this an incredibly compelling book -- even if it's your first venture into the October Daye series. The romantic element of the novel, between Toby and the King of Cats, adds its own heat but doesn't distract from the tension and action of Toby's desperate search for the changeling girl. The dialogue has wit enough to please those lovers of saucy heroines, but Toby is never ditzy or weak -- she knows how serious her job is and she pursues it unflinchingly. I also loved the fae politics in a modern world. Really, if you're looking for an urban fantasy series with both wit and grit -- this one delivers.

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Reviewer Janis Fields is the author of over two dozen books for children and adults including Threads of Deceit, Ghost Light Burning, Wellspring of Magic, and Emerald Dragon.
Reviewed 2013