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The Lascar’s Dagger
The Forsaken Lands - Book I
Glenda Larke

Orbit (Little, Brown)
15 May 2014/ ISBN 97803456502724

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Saker Rampion is a priest of Va, and on the surface that is all he appears. In reality he is a spy for the Pontifect, and trying to discover what his country’s neighbor and business rival is up to. During a mission spying on a powerful merchant he ends up in combat with a man from a faraway island, a lascar sailor who appears to be doing the same thing. During this scuffle he ends up with the lascar’s dagger, a seemingly magical artifact with the power to follow him around.

This one hits the ground running, and stays exciting most of the way through. Saker is a likeable protagonist, although he is not very adept at being a spy (possibly one of the things that makes him likeable). In true fantasy style the characters are mostly black or white, but there are also quite a few interesting gray ones that bring the tale to life. The whole book is perhaps like this—on the surface a standard fantasy, but a jolly good one with more than a few surprises. Ms Larke has created a well-realized world with many intriguing features, but it is the pacy adventures that make it exciting and a true page-turner. It is the sort of book that might well remind you why you started reading fantasy, and I eagerly await the next book.
Reviewed 2014