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The Revenge of Eli Monpress
Rachel Aaron
Orbit (Little, Brown)

November 2012/13: 9780356501840

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

This compendium volume contains books four and five of the Eli Monpress series The Spirit War and Spirit’s End. Eli is furious to discover that not only Den The Warlord has a higher bounty than himself, but the other person is his best friend Josef! The swordsman cannot say no when he is called home by his own mother, and both Eli and Nico are amazed to discover their mean and moody companion is actually a prince. But this is not the only thing going on, as the Immortal Empress is stirring and plans to conquer the world…

I confess I have truly enjoyed this quintet of books. Having just turned the final page out of nearly a thousand in this tubby tome I am hoping that Ms Aaron is coming up with something new - fast. A lot happens in here from the outline above to the reasons why the Empress hates Eli so much and the apocalyptic happenings in book five. To say more would spoil the story but I can promise plenty of action, humor, surprises and fun. The final book of the series is more serious than the others with more at stake than previously and, unlike the rest of the series, I did feel that at times it could have stood some careful editing. But if you are looking for an imaginative, largely feel-good fantasy series then you have found it. Ms Aaron has managed to update the old type of sword and sorcery fantasy with plenty of court scheming, demons and an interesting system of magic. More please!

Reviewed 2013