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Night Shift
Midnight Texas #3
Charlaine Harris

May 3, 2016 / 9780425263228

Reviewed by Jan Fields


Midnight, Texas is anything but a normal small town. The population includes fallen angels, a vampire, a witch, weretigers, and something dangerous deep below the crossroads. And whatever is down there is calling people to that exact location to commit suicide. If the residents of Midnight don't figure out why, hell could break loose, maybe literally.

This was my first introduction to the residents of Midnight, and I definitely enjoyed it. I loved the diversity of characters, each with their own secrets, strengths and weaknesses. It was rewarding to see them work hard together against the bigger threat. I particularly enjoyed the vampire, Lemuel, and his human companion, Olivia, though all of the characters were engaging and interesting. In fact, the plot almost plays a backseat to the characters and the revelations of their relationships and their town. A quick, enjoyable read, Night Shift was an interesting introduction to Midnight, leaving me wanting to see more of these characters and their stories.

Reviewer Janis Fields is the author of over two dozen books for children and adults including Threads of Deceit, Ghost Light Burning, Wellspring of Magic, and Emerald Dragon.
Reviewed 2016