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Ash and Quill
The Great Library #3
Rachel Caine

July 11, 2017/ ISBN 9780451472410

Reviewed by Jan Fields


In a world where the Great Library of Alexandria rules through cruelty and magic, not everyone is willing to be slaves to the Library's hoarding of books and knowledge. Jess Brightwell and his friends have made it out of London. In fact, they’ve gone all the way to America, only to find they've leapt out of the frying pan and into the fire, literally. In Philadelphia, the group is held prisoner by Burners, people who will do anything to stay free, including burn.

The Great Library series is a true serial, dropping you in the middle of the action set up in the previous novel and ending on a tense cliff-hanger, so if you're a reader who hates to be left dangling and breathless, you might want to wait until all the books in the series are available before jumping in. As I'm jumping into the series on the third book, I worried about being able to follow the storyline in such a rich and complex world, but the author has created such fascinating, believable characters that it was easy to get caught up in their moment-by-moment peril, even while working out the past plot points I missed. I loved the use of magic in the book, both the good of it and the dangers. It's clear that every character is undergoing changes and growth as they battle for a future where the Library is again truly living up to its potential for good for all people. The author has a lot of balls in the air, but she juggles them well, and I found the character interaction intriguing. These characters are people who care deeply for one another and for their cause, and it was easy to get caught up and care along with them. All in all, a strong book in what is clearly an intriguing series.



Reviewed 2017