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Blade Bound
Chicagoland Vampires #13
Chloe Neill

April 25, 2017/ ISBN 9780451472342

Reviewed by Jan Fields


This last novel in the series begins with the event so many fans have been waiting for, the wedding of Merit and Ethan. It's as charming and romantic as any fan could hope, and as fraught with unexpected peril. Some sorcery is driving people mad in Chicago, and even vampires are not immune. But as violent as that turns, it's nothing compared to what's coming. I found this installment of the series fast-paced and compelling. I'm not really a fan of the romantic stuff, but I do think most of the couples in the series are fairly adorable together. Merit is a great, strong female lead and I appreciated getting a chance to see some of the other characters on display in the plot, including Mallory, who is one of my favorite fictional magic-makers. As generally happens, the humans were a bit slow on the uptake and generally got in the way and made everything worse. Speaking as a human, we're just a bit extra stupid in this one, though Merit's grandfather is his usual impressive self. My only real issue would be with the super-villain in this book, as she mostly seems to come in and out of the book as a fashion accessory more than as a real, worrisome villain. That weakened the tension a bit for me, but the breakneck speed of the action kept that from weakening the book as much as it could. I also wasn't sure how I felt about the ending, which jumps us ahead by over a year in a kind of cute epilogue. I wasn't sure I really loved that part, but I suspect it was more a present for passionate fans of the Merit-Ethan relationship who simply wouldn't be happy without finding out how it all ends -- or how all the new things begin.

Reviewed 2017