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The Burning Place
Invisible Library #3
Genevieve Cogman

January 3, 2017 / ISBN 9781101988681

Reviewed by Jan Fields


A librarian and a spy, Irene and her assistant Kai are stuck with the worst of the missions the library can assign. But Irene expected their time on probation to be like that. What she didn't expect were the attempts on her life at every turn. But who is trying to kill her? Could it be the evil Alberich, who wants to destroy the library? Or is it one of the many people Irene has rubbed the wrong way? With no way to be sure who is friend and who is foe, Irene must save the library, her life, and her friends, but is that more than even a librarian can do? As with previous Invisible Library novels, this story was a lively combination of spy novel, Victorian fantasy, and rollicking adventure. I enjoyed the series continuing exploration of friendship, duty and trust. I have to admit, I would have enjoyed seeing more of Vale, though I appreciate a series where the female main character doesn't have to lean too heavily on her male friends. Plus, I love any story that begins with an assumption not only of the multiverse, but that multiple worlds can be entered and explored. It made for some exciting moments. I also like the author's handling of the librarian's superpower. Superpowers always have to be balanced by weakness so we don't wonder why the main character doesn't just solve everything right at the beginning, and this series handles that well. The book also teased some things that left me looking forward to what happens next for these engaging characters in this very unique world. I recommend collecting all three books for a great marathon of reading, this entertaining series will make you glad you did.

Reviewed 2017