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Call of Fire
Blood of Earth #2
Beth Cato

Harper Voyager
August 15, 2017 / ISBN 9780062422118

Reviewed by Jan Fields


Picking up where Breath of Earth left off, we find Ingrid Carmichael determined to stop the plans of the evil kitsune, Ambassador Blum, whose goal is nothing short of world domination. The alternate world of these novels is fascinating, a world where a confederation of the United States and Japan uses magical-fueled technology against their enemies, and they've decided their primary enemy is the beleaguered Chinese in America. This adds a painful and gritty element to the stories, that could easily become unreadably grim, but though the situation is dire and the reader definitely feels the pain of the abused, the novels do a good job of mixing gritty moments with those of hope and victory. Ingrid is a strong heroine with a driving love for the people close to her, an unwavering moral code, and a fascinating magical power tied to the earth and fantastic beings the live within it. The addition of such wonderful mythical creatures as kirin, kitsune, and thunderbirds add to the feeling that this isn't the usual fantasy novel. The series is also a love story, though at no time does that eclipse the action and seriousness of the plot. Instead, Ingrid’s relationship with Cy gives her a very human connection as she continues to learn about her abilities and destiny. Uniquely political, brilliantly historical, and surprisingly appropriate today, this series is sure to fascinate. Because of the complexity of the world, readers are best served by beginning with Breath of Earth before moving on to this terrific sequel.

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