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The End of Magic
Echo Park Coven #3
Amber Benson

Ace Books
May 16, 2017/ ISBN 9780425268698

Reviewed by Jan Fields


In this third novel in the Echo Park Coven series, magic has been loosed on the world, and the world is responding with all the violence and paranoia one might expect. Magic users are being attacked and killed. But the problem could be even worse than that. The evil Flood might ultimately destroy the world, magical and nonmagical alike. Blood sister, Lyse MacAllister, and those she loves must find a way to restore the balance before the end of everything, but the forces working against them are vicious and driven by a zealous fervor for destruction. The pacing of this third installment was considerably faster than the other two in the series, and the story was compelling. The emotional arc of the characters was interesting and believable. I did feel that the deaths of several of the "bad guys" felt both too sudden and too easy, and the ending was an interesting choice but emotionally unsatisfying (as least for me as a reader.) The storytelling is complicated and the jumps between characters took some focus to follow, but I actually thought that added to the book, letting us care about more people. So, ultimately, this hasn't been my favorite series, but I did find this last book engaging with a solid pacing. Because of the complexity of the storyline, I would recommend reading the series from the beginning rather than jumping in with this final book.

Reviewed 2017