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The Ghoul Vendetta
SPI Files #4
Lisa Shearin

January 31, 2017/ ISBN 9781101989401

Reviewed by Jan Fields


Seer Makenna Fraser has a new worry. Her partner at Supernatural Protection & Investigation is the focus of the shape-shifting leader of a band of ghoul thieves. But SPI soon learns that far more is at stake than a few safety deposit boxes as they search for this new threat whose origins are very, very old. The SPI Files series is exactly my kind of fantasy with a not exactly badass main character whose superpower is as much stubbornness as it is supernatural sight. Plus, as someone who can get motion sick in a rocking chair, I could relate to Makenna's frequent queasiness. Having a goblin for a male romantic lead is an interesting idea as well, since "hot goblin" just isn't a combination you imagine. This particular installment has plenty of thrills and action, but I also enjoyed the relationships between the characters and seeing how Ian dealt with his supernatural stalker. The dialogue is generally snappy and believable, without the heavy-handedness I sometimes see in quirky characters. All together, this is definitely a rollicking fantasy adventure series and an author I'll be following from here on out.

Reviewed 2017