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The Hanging Tree
A Rivers of London #6
Ben Aaronovitch

Daw Books, Inc
January 31, 2017/ ISBN 9780756409678

Reviewed by Jan Fields


Constable Peter Grant lives a complicated life. His girlfriend is a river goddess. His job is to keep the supernatural from too much destruction. And he's presently in the middle of a case that is certain to annoy both the posh and the magical. Sometimes a fantasy series is written so that anyone jumping into any novel can quickly sort out what's going on -- this isn't one of those at all, and I would strongly recommend readers join this one only after catching up on the past books. As a reader jumping in late to the party, I found the story introduced a lot of characters without enough exposition to help sort out which is a new character and which is a returning character. There were a lot of things going on and it was all terribly British. But even though I was muddled more than once and even now couldn't claim to have sorted it all out, I still found myself interested to know what was going to happen next with Peter. The magic in this series is interesting and unusual and I was especially taken with the The Quiet People, the Faceless Man, and the river sisters. The humor is very British, which makes it especially delightful, and it made Peter an engaging narrator who keeps you on your toes as you read. So altogether, an interesting book in what appears to be an amazing series, but take my advice: start with the first book and read up to this one.

Reviewed 2017