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Gary Roen

Legacy Publishing
June 2017 / ISBN 978-1937952075
Fiction / Science Fiction

Reviewed by Leslie C. Halpern


This collection of short stories (both science fiction and general fiction) represents a journey for everyone involved. The author depicts elements from his own journey through life with writings covering many years of personal experience and experimentation with writing form and style. Readers venture on journeys into many “what if” scenarios; and the characters within the stories journey from place to place and people to people for their individual adventures.

Although some of the stories are flash fiction at just 66 words, most of the pieces are several pages long. The stories cover themes including revenge, lust, and greed, sometimes set within the publishing industry. Florida usually serves as the backdrop, but other stories take place in Chicago, and even on other planets. Each story has the element of surprise for the reader.

Seven of the short stories focus on the adventures of a hideous human-sized teddy bear (Slotski Bear) with sharp claws and bloody fangs. At the beginning of these stories, Slotski sits atop a garbage heap where he repeatedly gets discarded. A spirit bear with magical qualities to help people (though with a generally crabby disposition), Slotski gets selected by people who unknowingly need him for help. When his work is done, he gets dumped in the trash again to start another adventure. The Slotski stories (which appear at the beginning of the book) should be the highlight for most readers because of their originality, humor, and disturbingly creepy scenarios.

Author’s Notes are included after most of the pieces, often explaining the inspiration for the story or elaborating on a plot twist. Journey is a fun, entertaining read for lovers of science fiction and general fiction who are open to viewing the world differently.


Reviewed 2017