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Secret Histories #11
Simon R. Green

Ace Books
June 6, 2017/ ISBN 9780451476951

Reviewed by Jan Fields


Picking up where Dr. DOA left off, this novel opens with Eddie Drood slowly dying, poisoned and stuck in an alternate reality where all the other Droods are dead and Drood Hall is in shambles. But Molly Metcalf is with him, and fans of the series know that when these two are together, things get done. As always, Moonbreaker has the snarky dialogue and page-turning storytelling we expect from Simon R. Green and from the books in this series. The always entertaining spy-master family of Droods are exciting and funny and even a bit touching now and then. For all of us burning with frustration at the cliff-hanger ending of Dr. DOA, this one delivers what we're looking for, and does it in a clever way with plenty of twists and turns. I like the way Green blends magic and tech in all of these books, and this one offered some interesting glimpses into other worlds and Drood secrets. We spend time in the Drood library (which is always a delight) and get a couple of wonderful battle scenes, because I never get tired of seeing Eddie and Molly fight together when they're hugely outnumbered or outmanned. We even get a return of one of my favorite of the minor characters who brings a big surprise of his own. And the tiny teaser for the next book has me excited to see it. The last installment had a bit too many "lets watch Eddie and Molly wander around aimlessly" feel that this one did not. Everything felt purposeful and important to the story (well, maybe not rock climbing, but you have to have something weird now and then.) Overall, I was pleased with the book I wouldn't recommend it for an entry point to the series since it's really the conclusion of the Dr. DOA storyline, but for Drood fans, this one delivers.

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