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The Reluctant Queen
Queens of Renthia #2
Sarah Beth Durst

Harper Voyager
July 4, 2017/ ISBN 9780062413352

Reviewed by Jan Fields


In Renthia, everything has a spirit: trees, streams, wind, fire, earth, and every single one of the spirits hates humans. Luckily a few Renthia girls are born with the ability to control spirits and send them away. And one, the queen, can control every spirit in the land and keep the people safe. That's the legend and the hope. But that's not always the way things work out. In the first book in this series, we met a queen who chose power over protection. In this book, we have a queen who seems to have no choice at all. And a potential queen desperate to choose anything other than duty to Renthia. Choice is a major theme for this book and it results in a fascinating work filled with complicated people. The stakes are high: the life of every person in Renthia. And as each person makes choices, we see how complicated a thing it is just to know who to trust. I enjoyed the first book in this series, The Queen of Blood, and found this one even more engaging. As with the first book, we meet some amazing and complex female characters in this installment of the series. I loved the way secondary characters became so important in this book, but I would recommend reading the books in order as this is a complex world, and the first book really informs the second in very important ways. Still, for anyone looking for a series with exciting world-building, griping tension, and fantastic female characters, The Queens of Renthia is definitely a good series to pick up, as both the first two books are excellent, and I look forward to the third.


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