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Siege Line
Shadow Ops: Reawakening #3
Myke Cole

October 31, 2017 / ISBN 978-0425269664

Reviewed by Jan Fields


Skilled Navy Seal Jim Schweitzer has lost his family and any chance of a normal life. He's dead, but he exists in the horror of dead flesh and mechanics the Gemini Cell forced upon him, and he intends to ensure they never do that to someone else. Unfortunately, despite Jim's super strength and near indestructability, the Gemini Cell is holding all the cards and their leader, the Director, has all the same skills plus a total lack of human virtue. More than that, the director has a secret that could be Jim's undoing. Though I am generally not a fan of books with a lot of violence and military details, I still found this series riveting. The combination of tech and magic is fascinating all by itself, but it's the humanity of the protagonist in the midst of this inhuman situation that resonates most. I also loved the Canadian characters who prove that humans can do amazing things even in the most impossible situations. The character of Sheriff "Mankiller" was especially strong. She's someone who would be easy to underestimate, which is why I loved seeing her ramp up her inner badass at every turn. I can't speak to how this rates as military fiction, but as a tightly-plotted, action-packed, high-stakes story ride that leaves you feeling hopeful long after the last page is read, this book definitely delivers. I've followed all the books in the series, and this one pays off the promises of the others with excitement and heart. Catch the series from the beginning and ride it through all three books. You'll be glad you did.

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