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Silence Fallen
Mercy Thompson #10

Patricia Briggs

March 7, 2017/ ISBN 9780425281277

Reviewed by Jan Fields


One of my least favorite plots in television is when one of the main characters is kidnapped at the beginning of the episode. Honestly, I've been known to turn off the television. So when Silence Fallen opened with the kidnapping of Mercy, the coyote shapeshifter and main character of the series, I was worried about the odds of my actually liking the book. Instead, Briggs managed to take one of the most obnoxious plots ever and turn it into a compelling, fast-paced, and completely charming story. By separating Mercy from the pack and moving the setting so far from their home grounds, this book gave some other characters a chance to shine. I loved Larry, the Goblin King (though goblins don't work that way, as Larry reminds us) and really enjoyed Elizaveta as well. Her fluid morality makes her a very compelling, and slightly chilling character. The vampire politics can be a little dull, but in this case, the weirdness of some of the elements completely grabbed my attention. Normally a book that jumps back and forth between two characters has at least one moment where it frustrates me when the author leaves us hanging to jump to the other character, but the plotline for both Mercy and Adam were so compelling that I was equally interested in both. I enjoyed seeing Mercy handle things on her own in such inventive and interesting ways. Honestly, I was delighted with the book throughout and will look forward to the next chance to spend time with these fascinating characters.

Reviewed 2017