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A Spoonful of Magic
Irene Redford

Nov 7, 2017/ ISBN 978-0756412913

Reviewed by Jan Fields


Daffy Deschants is learning that things are often not what they seem. Her nearly perfect husband, G, is far from faithful. Her amazing baking is positively magical. And her kids are growing into abilities she never would have expected. Mix in dastardly deeds and vicious enemies and Daffy will need every spoonful of magic she can manage. The novel is an interesting bit of the unexpected as well. At first, it seems to have almost a romance novel structure by switching viewpoints between Daffy and her husband, but Daffy is learning hard that her previous belief in romantic perfection was supported by magic and lies so she's not looking for a happily ever after with her husband. Plus, the addition of children definitely takes us into unusual territory for this sort of novel. It's a family story and a tale of learning to both stand on your own two feet, and realizing that sometimes it's okay to lean on someone else. Both are lessons Daffy, G, and their children are pushed into learning by the seriousness of the dangers they face. The relationships between Rose and the kids was a high spot in the book. I so enjoy seeing a really healthy parent-child relationship in storyteller, as it can be a bit rare. And even G (who wasn't impressive in the husband department) turns out to be a good dad and a character with some admirable moments. Though the story is very different, I found it interesting and compelling. The book had a lot of characters so some of them came out flatter than I would have liked to see, but the author may have big plans for them later in the series. I look forward to seeing where the author goes with this group.

Reviewed 2017