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The Hunt
Devil's Isle #3
Chloe Neill

September 26, 2017/ ISBN 978-045147363

Reviewed by Jan Fields


In this third installment in the Devil's Isle series, Claire Connolly has moved beyond trying to hide her magical sensitivity because that secret is definitely out. Now she is now hiding to avoid being sent to the prison district, Devil's Isle. As part of the underground, she’s still doing all she can to help the Paranormals who are locked up, but Claire feels like she's living life on hold with Liam missing and her own life lived in the shadows. Though she feels like her world has turned upside down, she's about to learn things can always get better and much, much worse. Through a huge helping of challenges, both personal and physical, the author deepens the characterization of both Claire and Liam, and brings their relationship into new territory. There are fewer racy scenes than in the previous novel in the series, but things definitely heat up once Liam and Claire work out a few things. The stakes in this installment are much more personal for Claire, which adds a layer of tension to a slightly slower-paced plot. The forward momentum is steady, if not hurtling, and the mystery of what is causing Paranormals to sicken and die is an interesting choice. As always, the characters are likable with some of the secondary characters adding much of the charm to the book. The plot is contained enough for a new reader of the series to jump in, but since the book ends with something of a cliff-hanger where everything changes, this is definitely not a book you'll want to miss if you're following the Devil's Isle series. Overall, a clever and enjoyable read.

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