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The Cedars of Lebanon
Gary Carter

World Castle Publishing
March 2018/ ISBN 978-1629899053
Fiction /Science Fiction

Reviewed by Leslie C. Halpern


This time-traveling science fiction novel takes readers on a journey back to ancient times to save our dying planet. Filled with interesting historical information about King Nebuchadnezzar and the Phoenicians, and scientific facts about the animals and plants of that time, this book stays on course with its primary mission: the rescue of three women from the present trapped back in time while on a mission with TimeSpan, Inc. to save the Earth.

Heading the rescue is the protagonist, Robin, a tall, handsome heroic type who’s recently broken up with one of the missing women. The other members of the rescue team consist of DeLoy (Robin’s out-of-shape boss) and Pee Wee (the skinny little husband of another of the women lost in time). The actual details of the time travel are sketchy as the importance lies in the mission itself. The author spends more attention on describing the look and feel of the terrain and people in the ancient Middle East.

The story is brief (161 pages) and fast-moving, with a tight focus on the rescue mission. The author does take a few extra moments for levity, primarily at Pee Wee’s expense, as he suffers from motion sickness throughout the trip. This fun sci-fi adventure can be read in a couple of hours, and offers an engrossing escape into the past. There’s just enough action and character development to keep things interesting as each chapter leads closer and closer to finding the missing women – whether dead or alive.
Reviewer: Leslie C. Halpern is the author of four nonfiction books, including 200 Love Lessons from the Movies and four children's books, including Silly Sleepytime Poems.
Reviewed 2018