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Night Fall
Secret Histories #12

Simon R. Green

June 12, 2018/ ISBN 9780451476975

Reviewed by Jan Fields


There are some book series that become a gift each time a new book comes out. Night Fall was doubly so because it represents the finale to both the Secret Histories series and the Nightside series with a dash of Ghost Finders thrown in for good measure.

As a long-time fan of Eddie Drood, I never quite trusted his family. They were all just a little too narrow-minded and rigid. So, of course, they would hate the Nightside. So when the Nightside enlarges its borders and no one knows why, the Droods intend to deal with it, no matter how much blood has to be shed to do it. But the question of why the Nightside oozed beyond its borders was soon nearly forgotten in the battle between self-righteousness and the fierce independence of the truly free. But this is more than a simple story of giants colliding because Eddie Drood shares something very important with the Nightside Walker John Taylor. Both are good men, and in this last book, that goodness will be tested harshly in both men.

There are fewer chuckles in Night Fall than in many other of Simon R. Green’s books and considerably more gore, but that’s what you’d expect by a clash as epic as the Droods and the Nightside. For fans of both series, this one is chock-a-block with familiar and beloved characters, not all of whom are going to make it out alive. But then, that’s always been the way of both the Droods and the Nightside. The book explores some interesting themes about power and virtue and how much astray one can go when equipped with absolute surety that whatever you do is right. It broke my heart a little, now and then, and left me thinking. And what better things can be said for a book? You’ll finish it far too soon, and with that comes the sadness of the end of two favorite series.

Reviewed 2018