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Terminal Alliance
Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse #1

Jim C. Hines

November 7, 2017/ ISBN 978-0756412746

Reviewed by Jan Fields


In this lively science fiction romp, humans are part of an alliance of sentient species, but they're considered a pretty low level part and end up stuck in jobs that don’t require too much intelligence. That doesn’t seem unfair, especially considering the humans accidentally turned earth into a planet of ravenous feral creatures focused on eating anything and anyone that got to close.

The Krakau, a race of octopus-like creatures, is curing humanity one person at a time in order to use them. After all, humans are resilient and hardy. But then a terrorist attack releases the feral plague again, this time aboard the Alliance ship Pufferfish. The only survivors are the ship's janitors and plumbers. Now this tiny group has to overcome feral humans, evil conspiracies, and even those they’ve trusted the most if they hope to stop the plague from spreading.

The idea of putting janitors in charge of a high-tech warship is a great one, offering endless chances for humor and some wonderfully believable struggles with the technology. Often luck and ingenuity win the day, making the book a wonderful tribute to humanity's spunk, its strengths and its weaknesses. The janitors must stumble through layers of deception to find out the truth behind humanity's history and give it a hope for the future.

I loved the main characters, Mops, and her stubborn refusal to give up no matter what the situation. And the cast of unique aliens that populate the novel are fascinating. This is the kind of novel that leaves me looking forward to following this group on future adventures throughout the series.

Reviewer Janis Fields is the author of over two dozen books for children and adults including Threads of Deceit, Ghost Light Burning, Wellspring of Magic, and Emerald Dragon.
Reviewed 2017