By Rona Subotnik M. F.C.C. and Gloria Harris Ph.D

Adams Publishing
ISBN 1558502998
Nonfiction / Self-Help / Adultry

Reviewed by: Pam Stone, MyShelf.Com
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This book will help you over the rough spots of Infidelity. The authors let you know you are not alone and we all go through the same stages of Infidelity.

Not all affairs are the same, but they are just as hurtful, nor do they all call for the same response, which does not make cheating right in any way. Surviving Infidelity will help you to understand what goes on in a cheaters mind. Here you will find answers to the many questions you have. I believe the hardest part to get over is the betrayal. Every one handles infidelity differently. Remember: we must never take it on ourselves, the cheater is wrong.

Here is a list of subjects the authors explain to us:
Why affairs happen
Discovery and its impact
Coping and healing
Dealing with the martial crisis
Repairing the relationship, if that is what you want
The post affair marriage
Increasing your self-esteem
What it takes to be a survivor
I noticed this book in a bookstore as I was searching for a book to improve on myself. Something told me to buy it because at the time it fit my life, boy was I glad I did. I realized that I did not need the fixing because I was the injured party. It is really strange but those of us cheated on seem to take the blame for something that is out of our control. Remember where the blame lies -- we are the hurt and damaged ones. Read the book it will really help you pick up the pieces of your life. It did me.

This one earned High Marks from this reviewer.

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