Storey Books  - Oct 1999
ISBN:  1580172105

Reviewed by Pam Stone, MyShelf.com
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At times we all need a little pampering and relaxation.

One of the first things Stephanie Tourles book 50 SIMPLE WAYS TO PAMPER YOURSELF points out is the need to realize our bodies can only take so much. Our lives are so stress filled these days, we need to be able to release that stress or our bodies will go haywire. When we even think about taking time for ourselves we feel guilty, well, Ms. Tourles tells us to forget the guilt and relax because it well help to make us calmer, better people if we do.

Did you know that stress restricts blood flow to the skin preventing moisture and nutrients from getting where they need to go? Or that stress promotes the production of the male hormone testosterone, which stimulates oil production that in turn promotes pimple formation and clogged pores?  Stephanie Tourles tells us that lowering our stress level will dramatically improve the texture and condition of our skin.

Ms. Tourles doesnít just fill her feminine readers in on all the information they need to know to help them understand why they should take the time to pamper themselves; she also gives us ways to do it.

Such as:
Use aromatherapy to relax and recharge in the bath.
Get steamed with an herbal facial, which will leave your face clean and toned.
She offers a list of 10 top healing foods and ideas on how to nourish your hair.

I chose this one to review because I needed it.  Itís a fascinating read full of wonderful ideas; I did not find anything that sound ridiculous or extreme. Get the book for the wonderful ways to pamper yourself. Throw away all the guilt and go for it, you will be so glad you did, and you will also have a more productive life.

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