Simple and Practical Ways to Do What Matters Most and Find Time for You
Hyperion - April 2001
ISBN: 0786886021 - Paperback

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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This was such a fun and helpful book; a little book that can be picked up, leafed through and then put down until another time. I love being able to read a couple of pages, lay the book to the side and contemplate on what has just been read as I carry on my daily activities. The first quote that struck my mind in the book was from a bumper sticker: "I am Woman. I am Invincible. I am Tired." Most women feel that they have to be all things to all people and super woman to their family. This little book gives them permission to do a little less and still feel good about themselves.

The book allows a woman to say no if there are too many committees to chair. It also allows a woman to say, "Back off, I have PMS." It also gives some helpful advice on dealing with the PMS. An example would be to cut back on the caffeine. Caffeine not only makes a person more edgy but also depletes the vitamins that a woman needs most during that time. Every little chapter is a blessing in its own right. This would make a wonderful gift basket book. Place a wonderful scented candle, a packet of bath salts and this book in a basket and give a woman a chance to get in touch with herself.

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