Hyperion Jan. 2001
ISBN: 0786866837 - Hardcover

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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The author of this book, Elaine St James is the new age guru of simplifying your life. I picked up one of her earlier books at the library "Simplify Your Life" and quite enjoyed it. Her newest endeavor is called "Simplify Your Work Life". It is subtitled "Ways to change the way you Work so you have more time to live".

The first chapter deals with cutting back on the time you work. It has such simple suggestions as leaving your briefcase at work and taking the weekend off. These are things that we should already know ourselves but seeing it put in such a wonderful and simple terms is often what we need to get the message to hit home. The book goes on telling us how to be more efficient and how to enjoy our spare time more fully.

I found myself reading sections of the book out loud as she has some most interesting data to back up her theories.  This is the type of book that all working people would enjoy whether they have a blue-collar job,  a office job or a home based job. I see myself picking it up from time to time simply to reestablish where I am in my everyday work job.

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