THE SWEET BREATHING OF PLANTS by Linda Hogan and Brenda Peterson
North Point Press - 2001
ISBN:0865475598 - Hardback

Reviewed by Sue Johnson,
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What a wonderful and varied collection of nonfiction by women. Included were essays, poems and discussions about the relationship of women and the plant world. I found myself reading first one selection in the front, another in the back and then perhaps one midway. I was jumping from place to place in the book savoring the experience and delving into so many varied topics.

The writers included professors, poets, authors and artists. There were folklorists, Buddhists, veterinarians and organic gardeners. Also included were a Biochemist, a Maine biologist, and a Pulitzer Prize winner. They all had one thing in common, their love of the green and growing earth.

As a Master Gardner in North Carolina I found myself marking sections to share with other gardeners, But not just other gardeners but other friends who would enjoy the beautiful imagery and the wonderful knowledge of all these combined writers. I must say that is one book that I would not have picked up and bought for myself but now after experiencing this work I do not ever intend to let it go. The Sweet Breathing of Plants has earned itself a prominent and permanent spot in my home library.

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