AmErica House - 2001
ISBN: 1588512886 - Trade Paperback
Biography / Self Help

Reviewed by Nancy Mehl,
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Life can change in the time it takes to answer the telephone. A call from the hospital, where her mother, Lucille, had gone for a routine test, altered Kathy Bosworth's life forever.

"This is the radiologist from the hospital. Your mother was having an angiogram done this morning and she may have suffered a slight stroke during the procedure. She began to have some slurred speech. The doctor would like to speak to you as soon as you get here."

A few simple words, spoken calmly over the phone, signaled the beginning of a journey that would thrust Kathy and her family into a world of doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, financial concerns, and a process that no one is prepared for - watching the slow disintegration of a beloved family member. How do you decide what your mother wants when the person who has her face doesn't seem to be the person you know? Kathy and her family struggle with this question as well as others with courage and love.

Anyone who is facing the prospect of making decisions for a family member who is ill or frail should read this book. Some of the information shared is vital - not only on an emotional level, but a financial one as well. Many people make mistakes when choosing nursing home care. Bosworth shares things that readers can use to assist them in finding the best care available for their loved one. She also stresses the importance of making your personal wishes known to your family before they are thrown into a whirlwind of confusion should you suffer an unexpected medical emergency.

Bosworth never succumbs to self-pity, yet she shares her heart and her pain in a way that makes the reader part of the journey. I was struck with her compassion and her honesty. After reading YOUR MOTHER HAS SUFFERED A SLIGHT STROKE, you will feel as if you have gained more than the sharing of a painful experience - you will feel as if you've made a new friend. This book is a treasure.

Highly recommended.

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