Fighting The Depression Demon
By Valda Wells
Narrator Don Wescott
Nonfiction / Self Help

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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"Are you feeling down, depressed?"

Have you heard this question before and sensed your answer could be yes, but didn't know what to do? If so, Valda Wells' book may be just what you need. Through narrator Don Wescott, Wells tells listeners how to look for the symptoms, treat them, and persevere until one is back in control. The 17-track audio is presented in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. The narrative is clear and concise and the author's answers to solving the types of depression she's discussing are sound. If one's condition is serious, Wells's recommends also consulting one's doctor and/or religious leader.

The four causes of depression presented here are: lack of money, loss of job or loved one, or feeling unloved. Three of the numerous audio book tracks that stood out were: "Your Nice Journal," where Wells recommends noting the good things one experiences; "Great! You Lost Your Job!" in which, Wells tells listeners how to see a negative situation in a positive light; And "Message Screening System," which gives listeners a system on how to filter what they hear as a form of protection.

Along with the CD comes a url link to a web page, which matches the audio book and offers plenty of resources on depression. Not all readers have internet access, so I hope one day the author can include the web page information interactively on her audio book CD, the way musical artists include miscellaneous information on their CD.

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