The Grrl Genius Guide to Life
A 12 Twelve Step program on How to Become a Grrl Genius According to me!
By Cathryn Michon
Cliff Street Books - 2001
ISBN: 006019698x - Hardcover
Non-Fiction / Self Help

Reviewed by: Susan Johnson,
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According to author Cathryn Michon, the ability to be a Grll Genius is present within all women. Can anyone really be a Grll Genius? Sure! Simply proclaim to yourself and the world that you are a beautiful, intelligent and talented woman. All a person has to do to realize this potential is to follow a simple12-step program.

The first step is probably the easiest one: admitting that you are genius. You must also be able to acknowledge any other Grll Geniuses that have made this admission. Step Two: you must learn to love yourself. Sounds simple enough, but we all must admit that this can, sometimes, be hard to do. The book also teaches the reader how to become a Domestic Goddess, appreciate one's good looks, celebrate one's unique sexuality, and much more.

It goes on to describe her different life experiences, with each example being more hilarious than the previous one. Sprinkled throughout the book are fun quotes, wise advice and some killer recipes.

Therefore, I am a genius, simply because I say so. Read this book so that you too can get in touch with your inner Grrl Genius.

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