By William Collinge, and Len Duhl
Warner - December 1997
ISBN: 0446672580 - Paperback/Hardback

Reviewed by Suzie Housley,
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Each year, millions of consumers visit their family physician. Often this experience leaves them with frustration, fear, and unanswered questions. Their dissatisfaction has led many to seek out other forms of health care.

Alternative medicine has been practiced for centuries - and today its acceptance is skyrocketing. The use of alternative medicine allows the consumer the freedom to choose what type of health care they feel would help benefit their illness. They can become experts by reading a book, surfing the Internet, or attending a local seminar.

In THE AMERICAN HOLISTIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION COMPLETE GUIDE TO ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, readers will discover a more in-depth look at the various alternative therapies of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, mind/body medicine, osteopathic medicine, chiropractor, massage therapy, and bodywork.

One of the key elements of this book that I found so fascinating was the use of true-to-life success stories of people who had tried one of these time old methods and found it cured or helped with what ailed them. It even gave me the opportunity to learn the benefits and the cost of each one of the treatments. This book has been a wonderful resource in helping me write my college thesis paper. I feel anyone who is looking for a better understanding of any or all of these alternative therapies will not find a more informative book.

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