Healing Wise
Wise Woman Herbal Series
By Susun S. Weed
Ash Tree Publishing - Reprint
ISBN: 0961462027 - Paperback
Fiction / Self-Help

Reviewed By Suzie Housley, MyShelf.Com
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Upon picking up Susun S. Weed's HEALING WISE (WISE WOMAN HERBAL SERIES) I was amazed to learn the history behind the Wise Woman Tradition. For those of you who may not know, the Wise Woman tradition is the oldest tradition of healing known on Earth. Unfortunately, it is very rarely identified - in fact, many do not call it by its rightful name. It focuses upon a woman-centered tradition of self-love and respect of the earth and all creatures.

With accurate and descriptive passages, it took me back to the time of my Grandmother's own healing touch. Many times I have said to myself, if I only had written down all of Grandmother's teachings, oh the wealth of knowledge I would have had today. I'm happy to say this fascinating folklore tradition has not been lost. Susun Weed has done a magnificent job in capturing the very essence of this unique alternative medicine technique.

After finishing her book, I knew this author had created something that would be cherished and passed on to future generations.

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