If I'd Only Known…
Sexual Abuse in or out of the Family: A Guide to Prevention
By Dorothy M. Neddermeyer
Millennial Mind Publishing - 2000
1930586167 - Paperback
Non-Fiction / Self Help

Reviewed by Jen Oliver, MyShelf.com
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Finally, a book that discusses the importance of preventing child sexual abuse, not treating the victim. This is a handy guide to see patterns of child sexual abuse in families and how to stop the vicious cycle. This book defines what child sexual abuse is and all of the different aspects a person is affected by sexual abuse. This book defines sexual predators, which can be anyone from a family member to a complete stranger.

This book takes about how parents can teach their child to self protect themselves from sexual predators. The book shows parents step-by-step how to tell their children that their bodies are special and how they should have no secrets with their parents, especially about if someone touches them in an uncomfortable manner.

This highly informational book contains excerpts from case studies and shows how individuals who were sexually abused when they were children are affected in their later years. It also shows how important self-protection is through some of the case studies.

This book is an easy to read guide to protecting yourself and your children from sexual abuse. Ms. Neddermeyer does a wonderful job in providing this essential information and does so in an understandable manner. Meaning, you do not need a Ph.D. or a Master's degree to understand the terminology.

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