Organizing from the Inside Out for Teens
The Foolproof System for Organizing Your Room, Your Time, and Your Life
By Julie Morgenstern, Jessi Morgenstern-Colon (Contributor)
Owl Books - September 2002
ISBN: 0805064702 - Paperback
Nonfiction / Self Help

Reviewed by: Carisa Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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"Organizing from the Inside Out for Teens" is about…what else?! Organizing for teens. Mother and daughter team, Julie and Jessi, tell why teens should get organized and give many tips on how.

From organizing the simplest of tasks like your bedroom to the more complex task of organizing your time, this book will help ANYONE get it together. There are also stories of teens throughout the book under "Julie's Work Journal". They tell of how these teens had problems getting organized until they were able to find the answers through organizing to fit their personalities. There's also mention of all the myths and facts about organization. For example:

"Myth: Organizing is the same as being neat.
Fact: Organizing is not about how a space looks, but how it functions.

Myth: Organizing is a talent you're either born with or not.
Fact: Organizing is a learnable skill.

Myth: Organizing is about throwing things away.
Fact: You can keep everything that you want and still get organized.

This is a great book. After going through it, I've realized that the reason most people don't want to organize is because of the biggest organization myth of all…that in order to be organized, you have to throw things away. That isn't what organizing is at all! It just means creating a system to FIND what you have and being able to get to them and use them effectively to improve your life. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who's on the chaotic side of the organizing line.

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