Reclaim Your Life
Jim Donovan
Lahask Publishing
ISBN: 0-96505348-2
Nonfiction / Self-Help

Reviewed by David Leonhardt, MyShelf.Com
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Simple wisdom in a pocket-sized package -- that's Reclaim Your Life by Jim Donovan. There are no surprises and no gimmicks, just plain honest wisdom. If you seek something new that you have never heard of, this is not the book for you. If you seek a handy little reminder of the timeless truths that somehow get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday stress and panic to get out the door and try to catch the bus so you won't be late for work where that pile of paper is threatening to fall off your desk and cause a workplace injury … Well, let's just say that if real life sometimes gets in your way, this book is an excellent reminder of where that way is.

In a slim 84 pages, Donovan offers us the opportunity to "claim our divine birth rite to have a life of peace, joy, happiness, excitement, health, love, prosperity, fun, passion and abundance." As I read Reclaim Your Life, I revisited most of the themes of my own book.

I found myself nodding my head to the beat. No, I haven't switched to a music review -- books have beats, too. The good ones, the ones that help reveal the truths we hold inside, often cause our heads to nod to their beats.

Let me leave you with one "beat" that caused my head to nod: "Whatever the passion within you, let it out. Life is too fragile and uncertain to postpone your dreams, hoping that 'someday, I'll really begin to live my life.'"

If you are serious about your life, I recommend this book for light, but serious, reading.

David Leonhardt is the author of Climb your Stairway to Heaven

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