Secrets Your Contractor Won't Tell You
*a.k.a. Plumber, Electrician, Repairman, Heating and Air Conditioning Serviceman
By Amos Avitan
Avitan Technologies corp.
ISBN: 0-9689715-0-4 - First Soft Cover only
Nonfiction / Self-help Home Repair

Reviewed by Susan Johnson, MyShelf.Com
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Amos Avitan has penned the perfect book for the new homeowner, the old home homeowner who is not handy with his hands, the college student newly out on his own, or perhaps a woman who no longer wishes to depend on someone else to fix things.

Amos has worked 32 years in the contracting business. During that time, he has learned many helpful tips for simple home repairs and preventative maintenance. Most of the repairs can be done with two or three simple tools that are in most homeowners' tool stash.

The chapters are divided into first the basic principles of a job, such as plumbing work. First, he explains what the part is to be worked on, how it works and what repairs the homeowner is likely to be making. Each step is listed in a 1-2-3 manor. Required tools and parts are listed separately.

Mr. Avitan says if you can wash and vacuum your car and do small maintenance jobs on it, then you can do many home maintenance and repairs. However, if a contractor should be needed, he also covers everything the homeowner needs to know to make sure that they are hiring a qualified serviceman, are properly insured, and that they won't be stuck with hidden or unnecessary charges.

I found "Secrets Your Contactor won't Tell You" very enlightening and almost liberating. In the past year I have found myself in the situation of caring for my home alone when I had never had to do these things before. This book would have been a welcome addiction to my library and I am sure would have made me feel much more confident. I feel that any new homeowner, college student or newly divorced or separated woman would find this book a very welcome gift.

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