Speak Up!
By Julie Gough
Self Published
ISBN: 0-9714766-0-8
Nonfiction / Self Help

Reviewed by: David Leonhardt, MyShelf.Com
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If you want to speak before an audience, here you have the basics. "Speak Up!" by Julie Gough covers three key areas: overcoming fear, preparing for the presentation, and the delivery.

Speaking is our greatest fear, even more than dying, so techniques to conquer fear are key for many beginning speakers. Gough was so impressed with how Toastmasters helped her control her nervousness and speak with confidence that she wrote this book, which includes a handy list of exercises that reduce anxiety.

Preparation is a key, both to reduce nervousness and to deliver a topnotch speech. Her advice on preparation covers what you need to know before the presentation and a few easy steps to build an effective speech.

Delivery is where it all comes together. Gough covers appearance, use of notes, body language, visual aids (never talk to them), timing (finish in less time than allotted), voice and articulation, and impromptu speaking.

The information in the book is solid, surprisingly so for a short (29 pages) book aimed at first-time speakers. Unfortunately, it is available only through the author's web site
(www.formulamkt.com/BookMart/SpeakUp.htm) for $12.25, including shipping.

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