Stretching Lessons
The Daring That Comes from Within
By Sue & Richard Bender
HarperSanFranciso - 2002
ISBN: 0062516833
Nonfiction / Self Help

Reviewed by Susan Johnson, MyShelf.Com
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Sue Bender's book are all about one thing. Giving one's self room to grow.

When Bender uses the term, "stretching Lessons" in the title, she means that a person's inner self or spirit can be taught to stretch and grow; to overcome old hurts and injuries the same as a person's outer body. Sue has traveled on this path herself and takes her readers along with her on a journey through personal conversations and observations.

Bender's inspiration for the title of the book, "Stretching Lessons," came from a story about a little boy. Like most young boys confronted with people he had not seen in a while the little boy was told how very big he was getting. However, it was the little boy's reaction to that remark that named the book. The little boy stretched his arms very wide and said "Oh, no I am bigger than that." Bender wants her readers to experience such confidence. She feels that not stretching, not allowing the spirit to grow, will simply make a person old. Every person has a more daring spirit inside, waiting to be freed.

The nice thing about this book is that it can be picked up, turned to a random page, read a few minutes and laid down again. Anywhere you resume reading is enjoyable and enlightening.

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