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Publisher:   Individual Development Organization
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ISBN:   0-9732502-0-8
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Genre:   Nonficiton / Self Help / Work related
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:   David Leonhardt

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Reviewer David Leonhardt is the author of Climb your Stairway to Heaven: the 9 habits of maximum happiness and Don't Get Banned by the Search Engines

All Work & No Say
By Jody Urquhart

      I was recently interviewed for a book on entrepreneurs, and I was asked about the mentality of an entrepreneur versus an employee. The main difference, I replied, was in the ownership. A great employee mentality takes some ownership, whereas a poor employee mentality takes none.

      All Work & No Say helps employers create a great employee mentality. Jody Urquhart puts together a collection of ideas, tips and action plans managers can use to boost employee morale. The collection is impressive in its size and scope… and in the small package into which it is crammed. As a syndicated columnist – The Joy of Work – Urquhart knows how to be concise and drive to the core of the issue.

       Although the title of the book would lead one to believe it is about giving employees a greater say in their work environments, Urquhart coverts such issues as dealing with cranky co-workers and clients, delegation, and creating a fun workplace.

      On the macro level, there is nothing particularly new about this book. It brings forward respected and effective management techniques. However, it is packed full of so many little tips and tricks that even a well-read manager will find plenty of useful ideas he has not heard of before. My favorite? Play mini-golf at the office.

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