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Publisher: Emidra Publishing
Release Date: February 2003
ISBN: 09723569
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Non-Fiction/Self-Help
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Suzie Housley
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Becoming Soul Mates
How To Create The Lifelong Relationship You Always Dreamed Of
Elva Anson, M.A., MFT

     Legend has it every time a child is brought into the world, his soulmate is automatically selected for them. Many individuals seem to believe this magical prophesy and find themselves searching for that one person who will make them complete. Often this process is slow and filled with confusion. Each one has their own ideas of what they expect from the other. Through Elva Anson's book Becoming Soulmates: How to Create the Lifelong Relationship You Always Dreamed Of, you will discover how you have the power to make your relationship what you envision it to be. Her helpful guide is a proven method used by countless couples to find the happiness that was meant to be theirs.

     Ms. Anson's book is exceptional because she has taken the time to conduct extensive research to help prove her methods are accurate. She is clearly an expert on the topic. This book is a must-read for any couple wanting to strengthen their relationship. It is just the type of read that one will learn something from each time it is re-read.

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