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Publisher:  Echelon Press
Release Date:  August 2003
Format Reviewed: Paperback 
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Genre:  Self-Help
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Susan Johnson 
Reviewer Notes:  

Bury Me in Someone Else's Pajamas
Reclaiming Creativity
By Judith F. Bullock 

     Everyone has a creative side. Yeah, right! I heard that muttering and so did Judith F. Bullock. So Judith sat down and penned a wonderful book that looks at this statement in several different ways.

     She approaches the problem of finding that special something, that spark of creativity with both humor and compassion.

     Judith teaches the reader how to find that lost creativity and imagination by relating stories from her youth and near past. She relates how she lost and then found her creative side over the years in stories about herself. Some are funny to the point of belly laughs. Others will have you swallowing a lump in your throat and remembering the loss of someone or something special.

       Judith sends the reader in search of their imagination. I know I had one as a child, we all do, but I was quite sure I had lost it when I started this book. But soon after reading a few pages of this book I realized that it was still there just hidden away, something I had began to take for granted.

       As a graphic designer I need all the creativity I can dredge up. After spending several hours with Judith's book, often laughing and sometimes just sitting and nodding my head, I feel that I now have a place to start.

     Judith F Bullock's book, "Bury me in Someone Else's Pajamas" is wonderful reading for the artist hidden deep inside all of us.