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Publisher: R & R Self Awareness Publications
Release Date: October 2001
ISBN: 0971293805
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Nonfiction / self-help / self-awareness
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Jeanine Jones
Reviewer Notes:

Complete Earthly Woman
Every Woman's guide to complete Self Empowerment and Self Mastery
By Genie O’ Malley 

     In reading Genie O’Malley’s poignantly honest, yet illuminating prizewinner, Complete Earthly Woman, I found myself in utter awe, and at the same time, quietly stirred. O’Malley’s style of self-expression is a refreshing gift that reaches into the depth of your spirit with a tender hand that guides you to a place of re-awakening. With her innovative technique of conscious breathing and invocations, she offers infallible, unique solutions for healing the past and embracing the joy that waits in the present.

     O’Malley’s admirable honesty with her own past reflects her tenacious ability of confrontation. Her personal journey, so courageously shared, ignites a passionate hope, and creates a model for discovering the authentic connection to our own higher self. She not only gives form to the abstract, yet she offers the specific tools for living a higher state of being. With generosity, she shares her intense struggle and transforming triumph, to reveal the beauty and joy that perpetually overflows in her life.

     Complete Earthly Woman not only touched me in uncultivated areas, it focused me on the greater goal. Genie O’Malley’s work bestows a world of opulence upon all who are open to transcending their life to a place where unconditional love and acceptance is the foundation.

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